100 Places to See Before You Die

Great YouTube video showing you 100 places you must see before you die. Many of these are completely new to me, and so many look really cool. Looks like I’m going to have to cut down on some of my other weekend and leisure activities and start traveling. Let me know how many of you have seen all or most of these places.

How We Spend Our Day

1372103397qlbzvTo start things off here I just had to reference a very interesting article by Derek Thompson of the Atlantic discussing how we spend our leisure time. After all this site is devoted to those activities and I thought it would be a great beginning to define how the average American spends his or hers day. It seems that he has uncovered a lot of interesting data, such as people over the age of 75 watch twice the amount of TV as teens. Who would have thought? Or that women are 30% more likely to do chores. Really, chores, no one uses that word anymore. Seriously Derek does a great job of graphically representing the Bureau of Labor Statistical data into something the average person can consume. College students have 40% more leisure time than the rest of us. Most of us already knew that one but it does make me wish I would have become a professional student.

Away We Go

running_manHi everyone and welcome to Sports and Leisure News. This site will become a clearinghouse for those interesting stories and useful bits of information about any and everything related to the pursuit of activities not related to work. I will be personally adding many articles over the coming months and hope that you will join in on the discussions. After all it is you the reader and your contributions that will be the main driving force behind this site. Let me know what your interest are and what you would like to discuss. I look forward to interacting with each and everyone of you and possibly making some friends along the way. Please feel free to let me know how I am doing at anytime as I welcome all comments.

Thanks and looking forward to getting started.